As a young and talented entrepreneur, at the age of 19, Oliver Van Nueten started a family business which can be called sensational at the least.

The driven master chocolatier, graduated from 'Ter Groene Poorte' in Bruges (a world renowned Hotel and Gourmet School), specializing in Belgian chocolates.

His great tutors David Maenhout (Chocolatier M, Knokke) and Herman Janssens (Manus, Brasschaat) gave Oliver his inspiration and experience in the chocolate business. You could almost say he has chocolate running through his veins.

Still in the first year of starting his business Oliver is internationally highly demanded for lectures, demonstrations and creating custom made chocolate show pieces. Recently he traveled to Los Angeles (USA) and to Takoradi (Ghana) for demonstrations on special request. Although already called a ‘Chocolate Artist’ in the media Oliver remains both feet on the ground and focusses on continuous improvement of his skills.

Since Oliver is the youngest master chocolatier with his own business in Belgium  and most probably in the world, there has been an extensive media interest for his work. The chocolate showpieces he made also caught the attention of the national and international press. Just recently he presented a full scale replica of a professional race bicycle made for 100% out of chocolate to Olympic Champion Greg Van Avermaet (BMC) on the occasion of his victory last year, a world scoop.

Oliver and his modest team, consisting mainly of family members, consider Belgian chocolate as part of our national pride. Van Nueten Chocolates aims to become an international ambassador of traditional Belgian chocolate with a modern and surprising twist.

Van Nueten Chocolates

Van Nueten Chocolates stands for the highest quality and innovative chocolate products for the specialized hotel and catering industry, businesses and events, as well as for the value enthusiasts when looking for artisan Belgian chocolate products.

Van Nueten Chocolates has taken the art of Belgian chocolates and sugar processing to such a level that it will undoubtedly stimulate your sentences.



Supporting a good cause

Marlène de Wouters accepted the gaze of Van Nueten Chocolates to support Oliver as a young, promising entrepreneur.

Van Nueten Chocolates supports MW Fund, a national sport aid to facilitate access to sports for disadvantaged children in Belgium.

When are your opening hours?

Because the products we make at our atelier in Zeebrugge are mostly on order, but also regularly we organize in-house workshops and demonstrations, we do follow courses, attend to fairs, and frequently are working away from the atelier, our opening hours are variable. You can find our opening hours weekly on our website and on social media.

In order to be able to serve you in the most optimal way we try to be present in our atelier as much as possible.

So please visit our atelier in Zeebrugge. You can reach by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an order, no matter how small.

Is Van Nueten Chocolates a shop where anyone can buy, or is it more an atelier as such?

Van Nueten Chocolates in Zeebrugge is an atelier where we mainly create and produce sculptures and pralines on order for individuals as well as for companies, restaurants, hotels, etc. However as we want to convey the chocolatier's handcraft as much as possible to the public everyone is more than welcome to take a look in our atelier when we are at work, taste the pralines we have available at the moment, and if desired buy a box of pralines or a sculpture. We also provide workshops, demonstrations and incentives to introduce our visitors to chocolate- and sugar processing and sculpturing and to the 'profession of the chocolatier' in general.

Do you have a wide range of pralines that can be chosen?

Since we are not a real store in the true sense we don't have an extensive range of pralines in stock on a permanent basis, we try to offer a variety of a minimum of 5 different pralines in our atelier at all times. The visitor can always taste and make a choice between the different available varieties which we present in a luxury praline box. This has the advantage that there are always new tastes and shapes to be discovered. We also produce pralines on order, even for small quantities. If you are fond of a particular praline you have ever tasted with us, feel free to ask and we will make them specially for you.

Do you offer personalized and custom made products to everyone?

Our customers range from companies, hotels, clubs, event organizations, schools, etc. to individuals. For example: We create exclusive pralines for restaurants that are only available in our client's establishment. There are always solutions for everyone's budget. If you want pralines with your own logo, special shape or taste, feel free to discuss the possibilities. Also for custom made sculptures in sugar or chocolate we never back away from any challenge.

Do you offer gluten-free pralines, what about allergies?

Most of our pralines are gluten-free, but in order to make sure you can always inquire with us for more detailed information. Please let us know if you have allergies or if you should avoid eating certain ingredients. Van Nueten Chocolates guarantees the highest quality for their products by offering world class standards in hygiene- and food safety as well as a permanent profound quality control system.

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Opening times

Our minimal opening times for week 03/2019:

  • Mon 14/01: Open 11.00-16.00
  • Tue 15/01: Open 11.00-16.00 
  • Wed 16/01: Atelier closed 
  • Thu 17/01: Open 11.00-16.00
  • Fr 18/01: Open 11.00-16.00
  • Sat 19/01: Atelier closed 
  • Sun 20/01: Open 11.00-16.00

Other timings possible on demand